12 Easy Ways To Prolong iPhone Battery Life + Bonus Tip

Have you ever felt like your iPhone battery isn’t enough?

If your iPhone battery can’t last enough for your whole day, it’s not always the battery’s fault.

It all depends on how much do you use your iPhone, and how do you use it.

In this post, I will tell you the best and the easiest ways to prolong iPhone battery life, but also how to save it more efficiently.

With every new iOS version and update, there are more and more features added, however, those features sometimes spend most of our batteries.

There are many things we don’t usually pay attention to when using our iPhones, however, those things can sometimes mean a lot. That’s why I will tell you some tips to use your iPhone more efficiently which will prolong your battery life.

Background App Refresh

Background App RefreshBackground App Refresh is one of the many iPhone’s features, which help your iPhone to be even smarter and ready whenever you need it.

However, preventing Background App Refresh will prevent your battery from draining out.

Background App Refresh works that way that your iOS understands when you use your apps, and which apps do you use the most, so it refreshes them whenever you aren’t using them, and when you use them next time – you will have the latest information delivered.

This way your apps will always be up to date automatically, however, it will use your battery and turning Background App Refresh will help you prolong your battery life.

To turn it off follow these steps:

  1. On your iPhone go to Settings
  2. Go to General
  3. Background App Refresh
  4. Now you can disable it entirely or just the specific apps you don’t want to use it for

You will still be able to manually refresh your apps whenever you want.

So for example, it won’t refresh your apps in the middle of your day, instead, you can manually refresh them whenever you actually use the apps, since it takes only a few seconds for each app.

Automatic App Updates

Automatic App UpdatesWith the iOS 7 and higher versions of iOS, there is a feature which updates your app automatically.

It’s a nice feature which takes care of your apps instead of you, however, it uses your battery as well.

By choosing to manually update your apps, you will be able to update them whenever you want.

So your apps will never get automatically updated in the middle of your busy day, instead, you will be able to update them whenever you get home, or in the evenings.

Turning off your automatic app updates will help your battery last longer during your day.

To turn it off follow these steps:

  1. On your iPhone go to Settings
  2. Select iTunes & App Store
  3. Find Updates in Automatic Downloads section
  4. Move slider to Off

Suggested Apps

Disabled Suggested AppsSuggested Apps was introduced to us in the iOS 8.

It uses your current location to find out where you are and what you’re near. Then it communicates with the AppStore to let you know which apps on your phone and in AppStore might be useful for you at the moment.

It can be a great feature, however, it’s a drain on your battery.

If you never used it before and you don’t usually use it, I would suggest you turn it off to increase your battery life.

To turn it off follow these steps:

  1. On your iPhone go to Settings
  2. Go to General
  3. Press Handoff & Suggested Apps
  4. Move the My Apps and AppStore sliders to off


Auto BrightnessIf you aren’t using auto-brightness on your iPhone, you might want to start using it.

The iPhone has the ambient light sensor which will adjust the brightness of your screen based on the light around it.

This will help especially when you are using your iPhone in dark places. Not only it will help you save your battery, it will also help you see your screen better.

It makes your screen darker in dark places and lighter in light places.

To turn it on follow these steps:

  1. On your iPhone go to Settings
  2. Press Display & Brightness
  3. Move the Auto-Brightness slider to ON

Screen Brightness

Screen BrightnessReducing the iPhone Screen Brightness will help you prevent your battery from getting drained so quickly.

When not using your iPhone, I suggest you reduce your screen brightness until you use it again.
It’s very simple to do it in just a few steps, and it will help your battery a lot.

Because, obviously, the lighter the screen – the faster your battery will get drained.

To reduce your screen brightness follow these steps:

  1. Slide from the bottom of your iPhone up to open control center
  2. Move the slider to the left as needed

Personal Hotspot, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth

Wi-Fi and BluetoothIf you use the personal hotspot to share your data with your friends, this tip is for you. It happened even to me, to sometimes forget to turn off the personal hotspot.

There isn’t anything bad with it, however, it will drain your battery.

The same goes for the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

If you aren’t currently connected to the Wi-Fi or you don’t even use Wi-Fi, rather your mobile data, then turning off Wi-Fi will make sure your battery doesn’t get drained out.

The same applies for the Bluetooth.

To make sure your personal hotspot, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth are off, follow these steps:

  1. Slide from the bottom of your iPhone up to open control center
  2. Simply press on the personal hotspot, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth icons to turn them off

Personal Hotspot

If you don’t find the personal hotspot in the control center, you can go to SettingsDataPersonal Hotspot and find it there as well.

The same applies for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.



Find Out What Uses Your Battery The Most

Battery UsageMost of these features which I have mentioned earlier uses your battery which results in your battery to be drained quite often.

In iOS 8 there was a feature introduced to us called Battery Usage. It shows the apps which use your battery the most in the last 24 hours and the last 7 days.

If you see one app constantly appearing over there, it’s a sign that the app is using your battery a lot – and you will most likely need to do something about it.

To access the Battery Usage follow these steps:

  1. On your iPhone go to Settings
  2. Battery

Location Services

Location ServicesLocation services are one of the best features of iPhone devices but it’s one very useful feature as well.

Built-in GPS allows your iPhone to know where you are and that way, your iPhone can give you driving directions, give the info to the apps and help you find the closest restaurants for example.

But like any other service that sends data over the network, it uses your battery quite a lot.

Turning off your location services when not using them is the best option to save your battery, and it’s not even hard to do it.

To turn off your Location Services follow these steps:

  1. On your iPhone go to Settings
  2. Press Privacy
  3. Press Location Services
  4. Move the slider to off

Data settings

Cellular Data SettingsIf you are one of the people who has their mobile data constantly on, you might think twice about it.

Using 3G and 4G to get the quickest data speeds, will drain your battery pretty quickly as well.

I know this one might be tough, but if your battery is really draining fast, and you don’t know what else to do, try turning the data off when you aren’t using it.

That way you will help your battery, and it will serve you longer through the day.


To turn off data follow these steps:

  1. On your iPhone go to Settings
  2. Cellular data
  3. Move the slider to off

iCloud Settings

iCloud SettingsDon’t automatically upload photos to the iCloud.

As I have mentioned earlier, whenever you are uploading and using data – your battery is running out faster.
Disabling auto photo uploads to the iCloud will save your battery through the day, and whenever you want to upload the photos, you will be able to do it manually.

It’s a useful feature if you want to share or backup your photos, but doing it instantly will drain your battery fast. I suggest you do it manually.


To turn off the iCloud automatic photo uploading follow these steps:

  1. On your iPhone go to Settings
  2. Press Photos & Camera
  3. Press My Photo Stream
  4. Move slider to off

Don’t do the most common mistake

iOS Background AppsOne of the common mistakes people do is that they think when quitting the app after using it will help you save your battery.

Well, guess what, wrong!

Quitting your apps regularly will use your battery more than just leaving it in the background while you are waiting for a message response, for example.

So if the saving battery is your main goal, don’t follow the bad tip and don’t worry about quitting your app right away if you still think to use it a few moments later.

Run down your battery

iPhone Battery

Run down your battery as much as possible. You must be thinking I am crazy right now, but let me explain.

The more you charge your battery, the less energy it will hold.

For example, if you often charge your battery at 70%, your battery will start to behave like 70% is its full capacity instead of 100%.

To avoid this, simply run down your battery until 20% or less to charge it again.
However, don’t let your battery go under 20% too often.

20% is a limit made to let you know you should charge your battery, and if you want to prolong your battery life – never fully empty your battery because it’s not a healthy thing for your battery and it might cause the problems with your battery in a long run.

Bonus tip

If none of the followings won’t work for you, and your battery still gets constantly drained – you should think about purchasing a power bank.

iPhone Powerbank
The power bank isn’t expensive and there are many different ones out there.

They are light which means they are easy to carry, but also they could charge your phone back up to 100% easily.

However, if you aren’t into carrying a power bank and your charging cable, you can always think about the battery cases.

It’s a case with an additional battery inside, and all you gotta do to charge your phone again while you’re on a go, is to switch the button. Your iPhone might be a little bit bulky because of the case, but it will save your iPhone in the end.

Power banks are a great way to always be prepared and never run out of battery again.

It’s easy to carry it and it’s a great thing when going out in nature, or simply to have it during a busy day.

Power banks are available to purchase on Amazon.com, you just need to look out for them.

The same goes for additional battery cases, even Apple sells them. So make sure you check out Apple’s website if you are more into additional battery cases.


I have listed many features which are the most known to drain iPhone’s battery.

You might feel overwhelmed by all the features you should turn off but don’t.

You don’t need to turn all of them, or even pay attention to all of them.

The best way is to find out what’s using your battery the most and then work from there.

The best way is to turn off features you aren’t using often or using at all.

Having additional power bank or battery case is a great inexpensive option to never be out of battery ever again.

Use your iPhone efficiently and do less-battery-intensive things will not only save your battery for a day, but you are doing a favor to your battery as well, which will result in your battery stay healthy for many years to come.

Do you know any other way to increase battery life?

Let me know in the comments below!

Also feel free to like & share the post if you find it helpful.

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