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Apple Airpods, Product Overview

By introducing to us Airpods earphones, Apple has changed the way we will use our earphones forever.

From simply wired earphones that we have been used to, Apple has made a huge change with

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Nowadays, we can comfortably get used to earphones do everything for us. From connecting automatically, to knowing when to play or pause music.

People might see them as the previous version of wired earphones, but they might look the same (only without the wires of course), but they are really something else.

Wireless. Effortless. Magical.

The way Apple has described them truly says it all.

Apple AirPods

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Whenever you pull out Airpods out of the charging case, they automatically connect to your device. Also, audio automatically plays itself when you put them in your ears and pauses when you take them out.

Really magical don’t you think? But of course, there is no real magic going on, besides the custom Apple W1 chip which drives the earphones.

And the best feature so far is that you are able to talk to your personal assistant Siri with just two clicks.

You are being able to activate Siri by double tapping any AirPod, without needing to take your iPhone out of your pocket.

You can make calls, play your favorite playlists, turn up or turn down the volume or simply ask questions. Siri works the same as on your phone, but this one is just two taps away which makes it a lot easier.


Custom designed Apple W1 chip which I have mentioned earlier takes care of all performance.

It takes care of wireless connectivity, your sound but also manages battery life.

With just one charge, you can listen to music for 5 hours straight.

That’s a performance on another level for such a small device like AirPods.

Such performance at such high level is amazing but a little bit creepy as well haha.

Apple W1 chip knows when you are listening, but also when you are talking. It’s all about the voice accelerometer which recognizes your voice and then chip takes care of the action.

Never run out of battery

Apple AirPods

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Apple AirPods are such a small device, yet very powerful.

I have mentioned how they look almost the same as an older version of earphones we are used to, but there is a little beast inside.

As mentioned earlier, you can listen to 5 hours of music from a single charge. But also charging case holds multiple additional charges which will give you more than 24 hours of listening time.

And when I mention words like wireless or battery, many of you get a headache and wonder how long would you need to charge them…

A good news is with 15 minutes of charging you get 3 hours of listening time – which is incredible in my opinion.

Apple AirPods

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Whenever you want to know how full is your battery, just hold the AirPods next to your iPhone, or simply just ask Siri.

Worst situation possible

The worst situation possible which can easily happen is losing AirPods or at least losing one of them.

Well, in this case, you will be pleased to hear that Apple has taken care of it as well.

I have written a post where I have explained how to find your lost AirPods easily, or what to do in case you can not find them.

All you need to do is take care of your AirPods, but if the worst scenario happens, you will know exactly what to do.

Such a little beast

Price might seem too much for earphones, but now when you know what these earphones can actually do, and what is the difference between usually wired earphones – the price isn’t really too high.

Although, prices may vary, which depends on where are you buying them from.

Price for AirPods which come with custom designed Apple chip, and have all sort of features isn’t something you could usually find in other earphones.

When you think about it all – you can come to the conclusion that price is actually not much at all. If you compare such high-tech earphones with other brands, you will notice a big difference in the price – and you will actually see how Apple AirPods are actually the cheapest one in that category.

And let’s say

Apple AirPods

Buy Now ButtonI really dig the Apple AirPods, they are useful and they make many things easier for us.

And that’s the point of our life today. We all want easier and faster.

Apple really knows how to make it happen but also with elegant design.

If you are careful about your earphones, there shouldn’t be any problems, and if you are thinking about purchasing them – I am sure they would be a good fit for you.

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I find a little bit funny how there are no wires, and the AirPods are just hanging out of our ears, but that’s because we are used to the older version of Apple earphones with wires and it’s something we shouldn’t worry about.


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