Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Refurbished With Discounted Price

If you are looking to purchase a new Apple MacBook for yourself, it’s a perfect time now.

Recently, Apple MacBook Pro got refurbished. It is available online in Apple’s store of refurbished products, and it is discounted.

Nobody really expected it to happen, but it’s the best situation for those who were looking to purchase a new Mac laptop, and now there is a chance to get Apple MacBook Pro which was released in 2016 for a discounted price.

Apple started adding products from 2016 to refurbished store, which most likely means there are gonna be much more deals just like this one.

One of the reasons for this action from Apple might be the success of MacBook Pro laptops with Touch Bar and Touch ID since they have only refurbished models without Touch Bar and Touch ID.

However, my opinion is that there might be more great stuff released soon by Apple and that’s the reason why are they refurbishing products released an only year earlier.

Whatever the reason is, we shouldn’t complain as Apple users get the chance to buy latest products at a discounted price from 12 to 15% off.

Apple MacBook Pro 2016

MacBook Pro laptops aren’t cheap, and the ones without Touch Bar and Touch ID are starting from $1,499. 13.3 inch MacBook Pro models are equipped with 2.0 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5, with Retina display. Also, along with Apple’s known silver color, there is also available space gray color which in my opinion looks amazing but is still related to Apple’s style.

It is important to let users who are looking to but refurbished Apple products to know, that all refurbished products are processed before being offered for sale. They are being inspected, repaired, cleaned and repacked. Refurbished products also come with one year warranty, and you can extend it with AppleCare purchase.

I hope I have saved you some time, and some money if you are considering buying refurbished Apple products, or have already bought some.


Feel free to tell me your opinion about Apple’s decision, but also feel free to comment and share for everyone else to see.

Dario Lemut

Technology addict and passionate Apple fan who shares his knowledge and opinion about Apple like a real rebel on iAppleRebel.com blog.

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