Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+ Review – It Shows More Than Just The Time

Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+

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Product: Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+
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Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+, Product Overview

Since Apple had huge success with Apple Watch Series 1, they have continued with Series 2 – but that’s not all.

Buy Now ButtonApple introduced to us Apple Watch Series 2 incorporation with Nike+ which makes this Series 2 Watch even more special.

Other than it’s features which I will cover later, Apple Watch Series 2 has similar look to Series 1 but a lot of different changes.

Flawless Design

Apple Watch comes with Nike Sports Band which makes the Watch, even more, lighter, flexible and breathable.
Especially because of the Nike Sports Band design which gives skin space to breath, but also prevents sweating.

Apple Watch is available in two colors to purchase from, but as they have stated, there are no limits.

Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+

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Which means, you can always buy additional bands in case you want a different color or just simply because you want to switch them from time to time.

For The Love of Running

Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+

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Apple did amazing corporation with Nike+ and this Apple Watch is designed mostly for running or doing sports activities.

It is the latest Watch made by two of the world’s most innovative brands.

It’s a combination of leading edge comfort to the way it connects you with your running buddies.

Otherwise, there is no point of having Nike+ with your Apple Watch. If you aren’t into running or doing sports, you can choose any other watch from Apple Watch Series 2 since there are 4 different models.

Also, the prices vary, so there is something for everyone’s budget – but quality remains the same for everyone of course.


Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+

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Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+ comes with built-in GPS, which helps to track and log data like distance, pace, and route wherever you go.

A good thing is that you don’t need to have your iPhone with you, GPS will take care of tracking your data.

Thanks to OLED Retina display, it’s easy to read all the metrics shown on the screen, no matter of the sunlight.
Even better thing is that Apple Watch Series 2 is water resistant, so you can use it in the water up to 50 meters deep.

However, when you aren’t running you can do everything else, such as checking your messages, use Apple Pay or talk to Siri.

Special Nike+ Features

Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+

Photo from: Apple.com

Since I have mentioned earlier, this watch is specially made for running and as you could guess – watch comes equipped with lots of Nike+ features.

Nike has designed faces especially for Apple Watch, which feature Nike’s iconic Volt color displaying time in both digital and analog ways.

The perfection of this watch is Nike+ Run Club app which can be run on the watch, and it helps you to improve your running no matter if your are a beginner or not, but also it allows you to connect with your running buddies.

Everything you have ever needed

This watch is perfect for runners. It is simply made for running.

From its design to Nike+ Run Club app, this watch has everything to help you improve your running, track your stats but also to keep you motivated.

You can receive reminders from your friends, such as shared activity, weather or even you can share your own history, which helps people to keep motivated and compete with each other.

This watch definitely helps people to connect and share their stats, and invitations. You won’t ever need to run alone, equip your watch with some music and you are ready to go!

My opinion

I am more of a cycling person, but if I was a runner I would definitely love to run while using this watch.

I couldn’t come up with anything else needed to stay motivated. Watch is very simple to use and it’s very useful.

The only complaint about the watch which I have received was that the screen is very easy to crack, which is very bad since this watch is made for action and activities. I personally can’t tell if this is true or not, maybe it all depends on how you take care of it.


Feel free to share your opinion and experience in the comments below!

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    It’s a beautiful watch.Something I would consider looking into. I like the look of it better than Garmin. Much more athletic looking and less clunky. I would be concerned somewhat with the fact that the face would be easy to crack. However, as you stated, definitely would depend on how you take care of it. Excellent description.

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