Are Apple Products Worth The Cost? – Are You Overpaying?

Apple Products

A reality is that the Apple products aren’t cheap.

Many people have been asking me are Apple products worth the cost?

Are they expensive? Maybe.

Overpriced? Depends.

So in this post, I will be talking about Apple products and how much are they actually worth and the mindset of people.

Forget the price

Let’s forget the price for a moment.

I want you to think about what do you get when you purchase a product from Apple?

Let’s ignore the price, and let’s say for example that the budget isn’t a problem for you.

And if you were to buy a laptop or phone in that situation, most likely you would go for Apple.

But why?

Mostly because of a brand. Apple is a very popular brand and is very well known.

Then I’d guess because of a design. Everyone loves neat and stylish Apple’s design.

And then at the least place would be the software which is available only on Apple computers and phones.

That would be my reasons if a budget wasn’t a problem. And I bet many of you feel the same way because honestly there aren’t many options left out there.


Apple iPhone Smartphone Desk

The reason why people argue over this topic over and over is because everyone has different taste, opinion, and budget.

If you were a millionaire, of course, you wouldn’t need to overthink it.

But for the most people in the world, it’s all about the details.

They need to consider what will they get for the exact price, and how long will it last.

If they aren’t happy with the result, or they think they could get pretty much similar product for much less money, there is no doubt they will go for it.

It’s simple as that.

Are they overpriced?

So now when we have come to the conclusion that Apple products might be expensive for some people, while they aren’t for other people, let’s discuss if they are overpriced.

Overpaying would mean that you pay for something that isn’t worth the price it’s selling for.

Is that happening with Apple?

I will have to say no.

When you consider reasons why Apple products are expensive you would come to conclusion.

Reasons behind the Apple’s price

Through Apple’s lineup of products, they are probably designed and made the best-designed product in each category.

Apple iPod

Compare the minimalist perfection of iPod to the MP3 players that came before it.

Or touch-screen of the iPhone and menus on other smartphones.

What about the first iMac? It kicked ass out of those boxes right out the park, didn’t it?

Also, their hardware is better integrated. Their hardware is modeled perfectly for their software.

And that plays a huge role in product reliability since hardware failures are less in Apple’s products.

And all those reasons are playing a role in the price.

If you consider all aspects, and you decide to purchase Apple product, you won’t regret it.

Great value and reliability you will get from Apple products are definitely worth it.

Mind games

When you buy something by earning and collecting money, it’s normal that you appreciate it more than if it was given to you.

That way people appreciate stuff they buy more and they are more proud of it, which gives them satisfaction.

It all comes from our childhood when we were collecting money cent by cent to buy our favorite toy or comic books, and only that thing gave us, even more, joy and satisfaction.

Probably this plays a huge role for Apple as well since it’s a good way to deliver quality cool products by keeping their price higher than other companies to provide ultimate satisfaction to their customers.

What’s the Apple’s answer?

Apple CEO Tim Cook has answered the question related to their high prices.

His answer was pretty simple.

He said that Apple won’t sacrifice quality for the price, which means that Apple values great products over all else.

Apple CEO Tim Cook“Instead of saying, ‘How can we cheapen the iPod to get it lower?’ We ask, ‘How can we do a great product and do it at a cost that enables us to sell it at the low price of $49?'”

– Tim Cook explained

On the question how come that Apple didn’t offer a Mac for under $1000 Tim Cook said

“Frankly we worked on that, but we concluded that we couldn’t do a great product. And so we didn’t. But what we did do is we invented the iPad,”

“Now all of a sudden we have an incredible experience that starts at $329. Sometimes you can take the issue or way you might look at an issue and solve it in different ways.”

– Apple CEO Tim Cook

There were still some arguments about this.

For example, they didn’t offer a Mac under $1000 US Dollars but they have made an expensive tablet iPad.

Or that Tim Cook didn’t want to highlight Apple’s sizable profit margins on those devices.

Non-manufacturing costs and retails are still earning Apple a profit of around 48%.


Apple is a huge brand which is getting even more popular lately.

You can choose to embrace it or not.

Apple prices are high, and they are doing a great job to match the value of the product with the price.

However, that’s where perspective plays its roll.

While it’s okay for some people, it’s not okay for others.

It’s all about the perspective, personal preference, details, and the budget.

At the end of a day, it’s up to people whether they will buy from Apple or not.

But the fact that Apple is still doing great is the proof that there are still buyers who don’t think that Apple is overpriced and they believe that Apple products are worth the cost.

Also, if there were no buyers, Apple would be forced to lower their prices in order to avoid bankruptcy.

But since there are buyers, which don’t mind Apple’s high prices, I personally think that Apple won’t do too much to lower their prices.

What do you think?

Are Apple products worth the cost?

Do you or would you ever purchase products from Apple and are you satisfied?

Since there are so many ways to look at this, I would like you to leave a comment down below and express your opinion about this topic!

Also feel free to like & share the post on social media if you have found it useful, thanks!

Dario Lemut

Technology addict and passionate Apple fan who shares his knowledge and opinion about Apple like a real rebel on iAppleRebel.com blog.

  • Jedediah says:

    This is Awesome!! i have been in an argument with my wife for years about how we should just get apple products because because ect..
    So now we finally have Ipads Iphones and of course i have my mac’s 🙂 And now i can show her this site so she can get a better idea of why we pay more for this product she already loves it now as everything is switching over this last year or so. Any way i do some blogging on the side is there anyway for me to do this stuff too?? Glad i found this site Thx again!


    • Hey, I’m glad you decided to switch on Apple products.

      They have a higher price but that’s for a reason, and it’s totally worth it in my opinion.

      If you want to start your own website, check it out on here how to do it.
      You can register for free as well.

      Thanks for your comment!

  • Keith Maki says:

    Apple products are still used in most schools. My brothers swear by the Apple products and will not buy any other. In my case I have to go on a budget so I am not using Apple currently as I simply can’t afford them. Most of the people I know swear by the quality and ease of use for the Apple products!

  • amir says:


    I like the apple products too. they provide the high quality and whenever I want to speak about the quality I remember the Apple first.
    The price is important in these days because the competitive companies started to release new well quality products.
    But there are 2 cases, Price or Quality. if the price factor is more important then you must search for another brand but on the other hand just pick the Apple up. 🙂


    • Hey Amir,

      I agree with you. Price or Quality are always factors to consider when purchasing anything.
      And I am glad you appreciate the quality of Apple.

      Thanks for leaving a comment!

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