Did You Ever Wonder Why Are Apple Products So Expensive?

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There have always been two sides and two different opinions.

For some of the customers, Apple is just too expensive and too overpriced compared to other manufacturers, but yet wherever you go – you will always see people use Apple products.

Have you ever wondered why are Apple products so expensive?

Expensive or Not?

Technically, if products were expensive as some people might say, then Apple wouldn’t be selling any of them and they would hit the bottom.

And you might wonder why isn’t that happening already?

Well because Apple products aren’t expensive for some people, and as long as there are people who buy their products, Apple won’t lower the prices – since it’s showing completely the opposite. They are pricey, but not expensive.

Pricey But Not Expensive You Say?

That’s right. I say they are pricey, but they are not expensive.

Customers are those who control the market, and people are probably unaware of that.
But since Apple is making sales, and they are earning on every product they produce – there is no reason for them to think they are too expensive.

If there are people willing to buy their products at the specific price, they are not expensive. Simple as that.

Brainwashing or Not?

Apple iPhone In The RainMany people say Apple is just brainwashing people, and people who buy their products are brainwashed because they are willing to spend as much as Apple asks.

Well, I have heard this theory from people who have never used Apple in their life before. Maybe because they can’t afford Apple so they are jealous – or maybe simply because they don’t like Apple.

But there is no reason for someone to hate something different. I never hate Android devices, I am simply not their fan and I have my own reasons why I prefer iOS more than Android and that’s it. No hate and no discussion necessary anymore about Android for me, it’s done deal.

Quality And Design For The Price

All the way back when first computers were introduced to us, can you think of what manufacturers were striving for since then?

Instead of big, loud, noisy computers with lots of cables – they were making smaller notebooks, easier to use and carry around, no wires and no noise at all.

That’s what is Apple doing.

Apple Products
They pay attention to design and too many details we can’t notice by just looking at their products, but we need to use them for certain period of time before we start to notice them.

Same Sh*t For Less Money

When people say you can get the same stuff or even better stuff for less money, they aren’t aware of many things.

People who say this kind of thing – and I’ve heard this a lot – believe me, aren’t considering all the aspects of products.

Their primary thing is functionality, but they don’t think about design. Maybe they don’t find it important, but maybe they just think design is simply a design. If it’s designed to work – it will work, but that’s the wrong way to think.

Design Or Functionality

Design nowadays is way more important than ever before, even maybe more important than functionality.

People want everything to be perfect to the last detail since technology is nowadays huge, people expect everything they can imagine.

And that’s what Apple does – they listen to the feedback and they test their products in order to create products which are more simple and easier to use and which people won’t find any cons for it.

Apple MacBook

Let’s say…

I personally hate people who talk about this topic, but they don’t understand what they are talking about.

Everyone has different taste and different likes. Nobody should do something I like to do, just because I like it. The same applies here.

Everyone should do what makes them feel the best and use whatever they feel comfortable with.

Also, everyone else has a different budget, which is the reason people might talk bad about Apple.

Apple is a symbol for elegant design and they take it seriously as much as the functionality of their products. From iPods, iPhones, to MacBooks and iOS or OS X.

People like the idea and Apple customers aren’t buying those products simply for a brand – they know what are they buying it for, and what they like about it. We should respect everyone’s opinion – but also make sure we know when someone is talking bullsh*t haha.

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Dario Lemut

Technology addict and passionate Apple fan who shares his knowledge and opinion about Apple like a real rebel on iAppleRebel.com blog.