How to Prevent Apple Charger From Breaking? It’s Easy.

Apple’s fault or users?

I’ve heard many users complaining about Apple chargers lately, and I had to write this post, to help people understand why do chargers break and how to prevent Apple charger from breaking.

Every Apple product has its charger of course, and it happens to break from time to time. For some users, it’s very often, but some users said they have never had problems with chargers.

Personally, I had only one case of Apple charger breaking, and it happened a long time ago with iPhone 4S.

Apple Charging Cable



Many people think that Apple is producing their chargers with lower quality than the phones, in order to break over time but also to force people to spend more time on buying a new one.

I think that is not correct, and such a big company like Apple would never try to raise their sales on chargers and accessories by taking actions like that.


Why do chargers break?

You are probably wondering if Apple isn’t doing it on purpose, how come chargers still Apple Lightning Cable

I have noticed different experience from different users. Some of them said they had already a few chargers broken, but some of them said they have never had any problems at all.

The main reason why chargers break is because they bend at the severe angle. Lightning cables are made of very thin wires and they could break easily if they are bent at the severe angle.


How to prevent chargers from breaking?

There are users who have never had problems with chargers, so there is probably something that they are doing in order to keep their chargers working after a long time.

The main reason why chargers break is because of bending, so instead of bending it, always leave your charger straight.

Also, don’t stretch it and when it’s charging it’s probably the best to leave it in one place instead of moving it around. Of course, using the phone when it’s charging is okay but be careful not to bend or stretch the cable.


Why doesn’t Apple fix it?

If you are still thinking it’s Apple’s fault that their chargers are just weak, well you could be right.

I think for the price of their products, they should do everything possible to make chargers as strong as their devices. Maybe they aren’t investing much time into it, but there is one theory I have heard once from someone who has worked at Apple.

He said that Apple charges could be fixed by adding a strain relief at the base of the charger, which would prevent the charger from bending at severe angles which wouldn’t get wires inside the chargers broken.

And if you are wondering why haven’t they done it already if it’s simple as that?

The reason is funny, and a little bit unfair but I don’t know if this is true just to let you know.

The reason is design. I’ve been told if Apple adds strain relief at the base of the charger, that charger would look different and wouldn’t look good enough for their standards.

I don’t know if this is true, but if would be very silly of them.

Users would love to have a charger which doesn’t break over nice looking straight cable.

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If you have any opinion on this, if you have heard some different story or if you still think it’s completely Apple’s fault let me know in the comments!

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Dario Lemut

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  • Joy says:

    I know several people who complain about the number of iPhone chargers they have had to replace and I never really gave it much thought because I have never been a fan of the iPhone. However, now that I think back, I would see the individuals taking their chargers out of their purse, glove box, and etc. not to mention walking and moving while continuing to utilize the phone while it was charging. What you are saying makes a lot of sense?

    • Dario says:

      True, we are charging our smartphones daily nowadays, and we aren’t paying too much attention on how we handle our chargers, because for us it’s just a piece of wire which we plug in and that’s it. We care more about our phones than chargers, and that’s why our chargers get bent easily.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, you are right.

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