How to Protect iPhone Screen – No More Scratches And Damages

When you own an iPhone, you will do everything to keep your precious phone in a great shape.

But how to protect iPhone screen, you may ask me?

Most of the people think they should get a case for their iPhone in order to protect it from everything, but there are also some other options which might work even better.

In this post, I will talk about all the options, and their advantages and disadvantages and I hope that it will help you to decide how will you protect your iPhone.

Protection isn’t expensive and it really does it’s job very well, so I think everyone who cares about their phone should have some kind of protection.

However, there are people who don’t bother to protect their phones at all and when I see it, it hurts me haha.

Why Is It a Good Idea To Protect Your iPhone?

iPhone devices are designed perfectly, so why to ruin their design?

And you might wonder, well how do iPhone devices get damaged?

There might be damages to the screen or the body of your iPhone.

Screen damages can be from just a simple scratches up to broken screens, while on the other hand, body damages can be from scratches which would take the iPhone’s paint off, to the case bending problems if ever dropped.

Even a few scratches on your screen won’t look nice, and for most of the people who really care about their phones, it will be a disaster. Ruining your precious phone which you don’t get a chance to change it every day is a bad mistake.

iPhone devices can get scratched simply from carrying it in the same pocket as your keys, not paying attention when taking it out of your jacket pocket since you can scratch it on the zipper etc.

iPhone devices are expensive but protections aren’t expensive and they are really effective.

Which Protections Are Available?

iPhone 7 cases

Screen Protectors

For the screen, to avoid scratches you can simply use screen protectors which are very cheap.

Simply put them on the screen, and your actual screen won’t get any scratches since protector will take it all instead.

Glass Screen Protectors

However, it won’t help you in the case if you drop your iPhone. Most likely your screen would get cracked.

For stopping your iPhone screen getting cracked, you would want to use tempered glass protection.

It’s a glass protection which you put on your phone’s screen the same way as you put the screen protectors, however, tempered glasses are a little bit thicker than the plastic protectors.

You will still be able to fully operate your phone like before, although you might notice the tempered glass screen protection due it’s thickness.

I am still a big fan of tempered glass protection since it’s very effective.

There are many manufacturers out there, and some of them even tested their glass protectors with a hammer and the iPhone screen still didn’t break.

Case Protection

At the last place, there are phone cases, which are one of the most popular ways of protection.

They can be used with plastic screen protectors or tempered glass protection, and that would be the best combination.

They are very effective at stopping your phone’s body from getting scratched and losing its paint off, but also they stop body damage when the iPhone is dropped.

However, there are some cases which are more rugged and they are made especially to protect iPhone from drops, as they can absorb the hits.

I will tell you a little bit about each option available out there.

Plastic Screen Protector

They’re the cheapest protection for your phone, but they are also very effective.

Simply putting them on the screen of your iPhone will make sure your screen never gets even the smallest scratch. The screen protector will take all the scratches, making your screen stay clean and safe.

It’s very simple to put them on, you just need a little bit of patience, and they’re very easy to replace.

Once you think the screen protector is worn out, or you get the air bubbles inside simply replace it with another one.

When installing the screen protector on your iPhone, it’s important to make sure your screen is clean. Otherwise, if the screen isn’t clean, as you install the screen protector, bubbles will show up because of the dirt.

You can find them very cheap for around a few dollars, depending on how many of screen protectors you get in a package.

They are available for every iPhone model, so you don’t need to worry if it’s available for your iPhone.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Tempered glass screen protectors are similar to the plastic screen protectors.

They are used for the same purpose as plastic screen protectors, however, they are made out of a tempered glass which will protect your screen from breaking or cracking.

There are many known brands and some of them are even testing their glass protectors with a hammer, to prove that the glass screen protector will protect iPhone’s screen even from a hammer smash.

They can be found for somewhere around 5 or 6 dollars, and they are really inexpensive for what they actually do. They are cheaper than some of the cases out there.

The installation isn’t very complicated.

Again, it’s very important to make sure your screen is clean. You will get everything necessary in the kit you purchase.

It takes a little bit of patience and you will succeed.

While plastic screen protectors are usually 0.1mm thin, glass protectors are around 0.3 to 0.5 thick.

You will be able to use your screen normally as before, however, you might feel the glass protector around the home button.

It’s not a problem, and I like the look of the iPhone 6 or 6s with a screen protector.

It’s available for every iPhone model out there, so once again you don’t need to worry if it’s available for your iPhone.

Tempered glass screen protectors are made in the way, if they get cracked, it won’t break. It will just get cracks and it will protect your actual iPhone screen.

But make sure you see the hammer test which really impressed me.

It won’t only protect your screen from drops and hammers, haha but it will also protect it from extreme scratches.

In my opinion, it’s really worth to use it.

Case Protectors

iPhone cases are the most known and used way of protection out there.

They are very popular because there are many shapes and designs out there, but also different purposes.

You could get a case just for simple body protection, or you could get a case which would protect your iPhone from breaking in case of drops or you can even get a case which will make your iPhone waterproof.

Apple iPhone 7 Cases

Photo from: Apple.com

They aren’t very expensive, however, I don’t personally like covering my iPhone with a case.

Instead, I like a combination of a glass screen protector (or a plastic screen protector) with a simple bumper case, which won’t protect your iPhone’s back but will protect your sides.


These are the 3 best known and most used protections for iPhone devices.

The best thing is that you can even combine them. They are absolutely inexpensive, so you don’t have an excuse for not protecting your iPhone.

It will keep your iPhone shiny and like a brand new with just a little bit of care.

Also, if you ever plan on selling your iPhone to buy a newer model, having your iPhone protected all the time will be a big bonus for you, and the buyers will really like the way you treated your iPhone.

Simply because nobody will buy a damaged or scratched iPhone, or in the case they do, they will make you drop the price because of it.

So now when you know the best ways to protect your phone, take your time to choose the ones which you like and which you will be comfortable to use.

What kind of protection do you currently have on your iPhone?

Let me know in the comments, and tell me do you think there is any better way to protect your phone?

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