iPad Pro Smart Cover Review – It’s More Than Just a Cover!

iPad Pro Smart Cover

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Product: iPad Pro Smart Cover
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Smart Yet So Simple

Smart covers are pretty much the same as before, so you can probably know what to expect of the new iPad Pro smart cover.

Apple cases are called Smart because of the magnetic hinge which makes this case feel way easier and way better to use than standard cases without the magnetic hinge.

Magnetic hinge aligns Smart case with iPad Pro and with its perfect fit, it protects the iPad’s screen completely.

iPad Pro Smart Cover

Photo from: Apple.com

When you open the Smart Cover, iPad Pro wakes up and when you close it, iPad Pro goes to sleep.
It makes it easier to access your iPad Pro, but also it protects lock button on iPad Pro from over-using.

The magnetic hinge is very strong, and when open it sticks to the back of your iPad Pro to make it easier than holding it.

Since it’s a very strong magnet inside the case, there are no worries about accidentally opening the case inside your bag for example. It will stick to your iPad’s Pro screen and protect it without any risk.

Thin & Light

Smart Cover for the iPad Pro is very lightweight.

iPad Pro Smart Cover

Photo from: Apple.com

It’s made out of silicone rather than leather but it’s very nicely made.

However, while this case has been overlooked by some critics in favor of the newer iPad Pro Smart Keyboard case, I still believe that this slim lightweight case should be considered to use if you aren’t into iPad Pro Smart Keyboard, but also Smart Cover is a cheaper alternative.

It’s available to be used as a stand, which is the feature I really like the most about this case.

That will make watching videos or even movies on your iPad Pro a lot easier.

However, the only thing to understand is that Smart Cover doesn’t cover the back of the iPad Pro.

It’s only made to cover and protect the screen.

If you want to protect your iPad’s Pro back cover, you will want to consider buying Apple’s Silicone Case.

You will be able to use both cases at the same time, and that way you will have your iPad Pro completely covered.

Made For Everyone’s Taste

iPad Pro Smart Cover is made in 10 different colors.

Available colors are Apricot, White, Pink Sand, Midnight Blue, Charcoal Gray, Yellow, Ocean Blue, Stone, Cocoa, and Red.

iPad Pro Smart Cover

Photo from: Apple.com

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However, when you are purchasing Smart Cover in Red color, keep in mind that the Red Case is made in corporation with (PRODUCT)Red Team.

So whenever someone buys a product from Red Team, part of the money goes to donation and it supports HIV/AIDS programs that prevent the transmission of HIV from a mother to her unborn child.

So far, Apple has raised $130 million through the sale of (RED) products.

And every purchase brings it a step closer to an AIDS-free generation.


For the iPad Pro, you can use either Smart Keyboard or you can still stick with the cheaper case if you don’t need a keyboard for your iPad Pro.

This is a great case, which is very well made and is made exactly for the iPad Pro, and you will know that the quality will match the Apple brand.

However, with this case, you will need another case if you want to cover the back of your iPad.

Although, you will be able to use both cases at the same time since both cases are slim and lightweight.

They also come in many different colors, so most likely there will be one which will match your taste.

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