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Apple iPad Pro Smart Keyboard

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Apple introduced to us iPad Pro, with its amazing Retina display, but also True Tone display technology which adjusts the white balance of the screen itself, by using four-channel ambient light sensors.

And there is a lot more, but we are here to talk about something very new and different from Apple. Yes, I’m talking about the iPad Pro keyboard.

Coming to life

With the iPad Pro, Apple introduced to us a totally new type of keyboard. It is available for both the 9.7 inch and 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

It has been built with innovative technologies which free the users from switches, cables, plugs and even pairing. It makes it the perfect combination of utility and portability.

A keyboard is part of the iPad Pro case cover which makes it even more awesome. It’s always there and it’s always ready for use. It’s built in lightweight cover with elegant Apple design.

Usability and looks

Apple iPad Pro Smart KeyboardIt’s very portable and easy to use. As I have said earlier, it’s built in the iPad Pro case cover which I like. It makes it very portable and ready to use even in quick situations.

The cover has three options, which are the type, watch or cover. It looks like the usual iPad case from Apple, instead, this one has built-in keyboard inside.

Also, a great thing is there are no switches, cables, plugs or anything you need to deal with to get it to work.
It’s designed the way that there are no gaps in between keys so nothing can get stuck inside, covered in a fabric which is water and stain resistant.

It’s always ready and that’s why it’s called smart keyboard which I will explain in the next paragraph.

Why is it a Smart Keyboard?

Probably the reason it’s named Smart Keyboard is because of the Smart Connector which is used to connect the keyboard to Apple iPad Pro.
So that’s why there are no wires, plugs or pairing.

Also, a great thing which Smart Connector provides is that there are no need for additional batteries in the keyboard to work, but also no Bluetooth or wireless connectivity.

Once you connect the keyboard using the Smart Connector to iPad Pro, it’s ready to type. But once you disconnect it from the iPad Pro – on screen keyboard appears instantly.

The great feature is Onscreen Shortcut Bar which appears whenever you are typing, to help you bold, italicize, underline or even copy & paste in just a few taps.
Something very similar to the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro laptops.


In my opinion, it is a great innovation from Apple.

The idea is great and it has been worked into details to build the best portable keyboard possible. Building it into the cover case for iPad Pro is the thing I like the most. It’s always there and always ready to use. Also, connecting it with Smart Connector is brilliant and it just shows how Apple thought about everything.

Apple iPad Pro Smart Keyboard

However, one thing I don’t like is that the feel you have when you type on it.

When I tried the keyboard for the first time, it felt like a cheap gum/plastic material, and it felt nothing like Apple keyboards.

The reason for that is maybe because Smart Keyboard isn’t mechanical, but it provides spring-like tension for its keys.

I think I don’t like that there are no gaps between keys, which makes it feel like all keyboard is just one piece. Also, I don’t like the feel of custom-woven fabric which is used to cover the keyboard.

But that’s only my opinion and after using it after some time, I would probably get used to it easily.

Apple iPad Pro Smart Keyboard

The reason why Apple covered it in the custom-woven fabric and made no gaps between keys is because they have made it water and stain resistant, but also so there can’t be anything stuck inside the keys.

Apple made a really good portable keyboard which is durable and resistant.

Also, they are maybe going the way in which business people could replace their laptops with tablets, which isn’t a bad thing. Let’s see how it goes.

If you like the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard, make sure you grab one at the right price, since it’s available to purchase separately.

Thanks for reading my review, but also feel free to leave your opinion and experience in the comments below.

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Dario Lemut

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  • Wayne Tech says:

    Wow, I just loved it how it supports the iPad and is totally looking cool.

  • Robert Kendrick says:

    Beautiful Blog !! you have excellent collections of gadget and thanks for giving information about the particular gadget

  • Kevon says:

    No bluetooth, no batteries, no BS. Sounds like a really smart choice. I am a total Apple ? fan. MacBook, iPhone and iPad. The quality, stability and product features are second to none. I haven’t tried the smart keyboard as yet. I’m still using the iPad 2 ?.

    I notice in the images you used the keyboards are black. Do they also come in white? White is my color so it would be nice if they had white keyboards as well.

    • I agree with quality and stability. Also perfect clean elegant design which comes with every Apple product, and their OS is amazing.

      However, I haven’t seen white type of this keyboard. I was wondering the same and I would love to see white keyboard as they have always used to make white keyboards so users are kind of used to them as well.
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!

  • No wires, plugs or pairing … durable and resistant. Sounds pretty good to me!
    The fabric over the keyboard also sounds good to me. I’ve been hesitant to go the tablet route. With a smartphone and a laptop, I’ve never seen the need. But I have friends and colleagues that swear by them, so I can see the future going that way. We shall see!
    Best wishes,

    • Hey I agree with you, well you can maybe have both and use both at the beginning to see which one will work better for you, and use one or another in different occasions. Thanks for leaving a comment!

  • Ronnie Jordan says:

    A nice addition I would say. I like the lighting feature to help out the eyes. The way you connect it is extremely awesome. Do you know if they have something like this for just a laptop? I hate the keyboard on my laptop to the point I don’t even use it unless I really have to. Thanks.

    • Hey, I don’t think they have this exact keyboard to use for laptop but you can check out Apple Magic Wireless Keyboard which is very nice to type on and is very light and has a great clean design. You can connect it with any laptop.

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