iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Rumors

iPhone X 8 EditionThe time for the next iPhone to come up in 2 more months, and right now there are lots of rumors about Apple new product.

Some are about the hardware upgrade, some are about the return of 3.5mm jack, still, rumors about new features that appear on this new iPhone are still the hottest. Probably because it has been too long since Apple came up with an innovative product, not since the release of iPhone 4.

Wireless charging isn’t some brand new feature anymore since its first release on Samsung Galaxy S6.

Even though for die-hard Apple fans, this is still something that’s real to be looking for. Not just to compete with Android users but also shows that Apple still has that creativity inside them.

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What Is Wireless Charging?

This method allows you to transfer power to your device without using any transmit cable like we used to do with the USC type C and Lightning connector.


Basically, the manufacturer will build in your phone a coil and also on the charger. When the two are close enough, they’ll start creating a magnetic field that could be used to recharge your battery. It may look simple but the process cost lots of energy.

So in the present, the wireless charging is only halfway done. This gives us, even more, a reason to looking for the day this new iPhone is released.

Isn’t It What We Hoped For?

iPhone 8 Edition

For most of the die-hard fans out there, I’m sure that you all hope that Apple would release a charger with a 5GHz radio frequency which could allow the phone to be charged completely wireless without any pads.

But lately, rumors have claimed that the chance that Apple co-operating with Qi or Airfuel (who is also behind the Samsung wireless charger) is very high.

Some even say that they’ve both agreed on some part of the contract. If that’s true, there is a big chance that the next wireless charging for Apple devices would still include a charging pad (which is familiar if you’re using them on your Samsung). This is really a letdown since lots of us have hoped for a really innovative product that stands up for their brand.

The Real Wireless Charging?

Still, there are also rumors about Apple having contact with Energous and Powercast who are capable of producing charging devices with 5GHz radio frequency and even higher.

These are the device that worth calling “real wireless charging”. But I’ve learned on some product review website where the authors claimed that this type of long-range beam could cost lots of energy. So FCC might not approve it since this will violate some of the laws.

Not to mention if they’re able to have a license on producing this, they’ll have to deal with the sudden loss of energy which could damage the electrical system in the house. Unless they have a way to solve the power consumption problem, there is still a very long way to go for Apple and all smartphone wireless charging.

And we may not have the chance to see this feature on the next iPhone 8 or any other flagships.

What do you think about Apple adding wireless charging feature in iPhone 8?

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