iPhone Glass Screen Protector Reviews – Never Get Your Screen Cracked Again!

In the latest post, I have been talking about how to protect your iPhone screen the best and the mostiPhone 5S Glass Screen Protector efficient way.

But in this post, I will only talk about the glass screen protectors and I will make only iPhone glass screen protector reviews.

So in case you have decided to go for a glass screen protector, I will help you find one which will work the best for you.

Glass screen protectors are available for every iPhone model out there, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Also, it’s very inexpensive, yet, almost the best protection available for your screen.

Why Glass Screen Protector?

Simply because it’s the best protection for your screen out there.

Tempered glass screen protectors will protect your screen from scratches, but also from cracking when the iPhone has been accidentally dropped.

It’s way better than the plastic screen protectors which are mainly there to protect your phone from scratches. With glass screen protectors you will have a protection from both scratches and screen cracks.

Here is the best reason why. Take a look.

It’s a little bit thicker than the plastic screen protectors, however, it’s not something to be bothered about.

You might feel it a little bit around the home button, but you will get used to it and you will be able to use your iPhone completely normal like you have used it before.

However, in a case of dropping your iPhone, glass screen protector will take all the damage which might be caused to your iPhone. If that happens, glass screen protector won’t break, but will only shatter which is a lot safer.


Installation is very simple and it will take only a couple of minutes.

When purchasing a glass screen protector, you will get all the necessary “tools” for installation.

It usually comes with a glass screen protector which is somewhere from 0.2 to 0.5 mm thick, a dust absorber which is used to clean the screen, 2x wet/dry wipes which help you clean the screen and dry it off.

It’s very important to clean the screen, so there isn’t any dust because it is the reason why bubbles appear after installing the protector.

ARKTek Glass Pro+ – For iPhone 6/6s

ARKTek Glass Pro+Buy Now ButtonARKTek Glass Pro+ is made out of a high-quality glass which ensures maximum clarity and accuracy when using your iPhone.

This glass can be even bent without breaking, however, I don’t think it will ever bend itself. It’s only used for testing and proving how good the glass protector is.

It’s only 0.26 mm thick, so you don’t need to worry if it’s going to change the feeling of your iPhone.
One click install will make it easy for users to install it, especially for those who have never installed glass screen protector before.

Once installed, ARKTek Glass Pro+ will protect your iPhone from key scratches but it can even handle knife scratches without a problem. It will protect your iPhone screen from the most critical drops.

However, I advise you to use a case or a bumper around the iPhone with this glass protector, to make sure your iPhone is absolutely safe.

It’s available for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s models. Protector has round edges which will fit your phone perfectly, and there won’t be any interfering when using it.

You will get, not one, but two glass protectors inside along with all the necessary “tools” for installation.

TANTEK HD Tempered Glass Screen Protector – For iPhone 6/6s

TANTEK HD Tempered Glass Screen Protector

TANTEK protector is made for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s models.

It’s made out of a tempered glass which will prevent your iPhone’s screen from shattering.

This glass protector has a hardness level of 9H which is just one under a hardness of diamond which is 10H, so you can believe this protector can protect your iPhone screen even from hammer damage.

Like the previous screen protector, it’s 0.26 mm thick and it’s fully responsive once installed.

Buy Now Button

Due to the iPhone 6 and 6s round edges, any glass protector you purchase won’t cover the screen completely, but only flat surface.

That’s why I highly advise using a glass screen protector in combination with a case or a bumper.

There won’t be any scratches, cracks, fingerprints left on TANTEK HD Tempered glass protector.
Inside the package, you will get 2x glass screen protectors and all the necessary “tools” such as dust absorber and wet/dry wipes for an easy installation.

Nicer Tempered Glass Screen Protector – For iPhone 6/6s/7

Nicer Tempered Glass Screen ProtectorBuy Now Button

This glass screen protector is available for iPhone 7 but also for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s models.

Nicer said that their glass screen protectors are harder than a knife, which results in a better impact resistance.

iPhone screen usually breaks due to strong shock without buffer, you won’t need to worry about breaking your screen ever again after installing this protector.

Like all the other glass screen protectors, it has a 9H level of hardness and you will be able to use your iPhone fully like before with the glass screen protector on.

Inside the package, you will get 2x glass screen protectors and all the necessary “tools” for one-click easy installation.

amFilm Glass Screen Protector – For iPhone 6/6s/7

amFilm Glass Screen ProtectorBuy Now ButtonamFilm screen protector will also work with iPhone 7, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s models.

It’s specially designed for iPhone models, so it will fit precisely.
Also, after installing this screen protector, there is a little bit of space left so it can be used with a case or a bumper which is something I really like.

It’s scratch resistant, anti-fingerprint and HD clear so you will be able to use your iPhone as before.

This glass screen is 0.33 mm thick, and it is highly responsive.
Also, like all the previous glass screen protectors I did recommend, it has a 9H level of hardness.

This glass screen protector won’t leave anything on your screen. It absorbs all the scratches and dust, so you won’t even feel like there is anything between your iPhone screen and you.

You will get 2x glass screen protectors and everything else included in the package.

OMOTON Tempered Glass Screen Protector – For iPhone 5/5c/5s/SE

OMOTON Tempered Glass Screen ProtectorBuy Now ButtonIf you have iPhone 5, 5C, 5s or Se, don’t worry.

I didn’t forget you, and yes you can still have a tempered glass screen protector on your iPhone.

The thickness of this glass screen is 0.26 mm and you won’t have problems using it because it’s highly responsive but also it’s scratch resistant, anti-fingerprint and almost strong as diamond.

Yes, that’s right. It has a 9H level of hardness, and I have mentioned earlier that the diamond has a 10H level of hardness.

It’s easy to install and you will get all the necessary tools along with 2x glass screen protectors.
So if you mess up installing the first one, it’s okay because you still have another one.

A price of this tempered glass screen protector is very cheap, so you don’t have an excuse not to protect your precious iPhone.

To find the best deal, click here to buy on Amazon.com.


I have listed some of, in my opinion, the best-tempered glass screen protectors for iPhone devices.

They are very inexpensive for what they offer.
My advice is to always use glass screen protector because you never know when you might scratch your phone, or even drop it.

I am not talking about the small scratches, although screen protector will protect your screen from them.
I am talking about more serious scratches which might damage your screen or even a display.

Also, you never know when you might accidentally drop your iPhone. So using a glass screen protector with a case or a bumper is the best combination in my opinion.

If you use any older model of iPhone such as 4 or 4s, click here to find a glass screen protector for yourself.

Are you using any protection on your iPhone currently?

What are you using? Feel free to comment and share your opinion or experience.

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  • Thank you very much for your useful article, I must admit that I don’t use an iPhone but very much like the idea of having a screen protector on my android phone. Do you know if something similar is available for Samsung phones please?

    • Hey, I am glad to hear that you care about your phone.
      Of course, there are glass protectors for other phones. So for Samsung phones click here to find glass protectors.
      Just search for your exact model.

      Hope this helped, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  • Crystal says:


    Thanks for another great review. I am very careless with my phone and when the little ones get their hands on it, disaster . The screen look awful. I am going to replace the screen but I was feeling like it would be pointless since the same thing would happen again. Sigh. I hope this screen protector works after I replace the screen.

    • Hey, I know that feeling haha.

      Yes, it will work. Replace your screen if you want, and then install this glass screen protector which will keep your phone screen from breaking, dust, dirt, fingerprints, cuts…
      Thanks for your comment, good luck!

  • Den says:

    I agree all phones must have a glass protector as it will not only protect it from scratches but also from cracking due to impact. Impact resistant tempered glass is the best material for this and Apple is way on top when it comes to product enhancements.

    • Exactly, I agree.

      I have seen results of glass screen protectors myself. Protector absorbs all the impact and screen is untouched.
      Thanks for your comment!

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