The Apple Watch Series 2 – Waterproof?

Dunking your brand new Apple Watch Series 2 in the water while you swim is a new luxury that has been made a reality.

Yes, you can now do every aquatic sport with your brand new technological friend, including paddle boarding, kayaking, and all of the sort.

But what are its limits? Is it really waterproof?

Apple Watch Series 2 – Info to Know

Before you dive in the ocean with your Apple Watch, there are a few key things to know.

Apple watch series 2 in water

First off, the watch itself really is waterproof. You can plunge into chlorinated pools, freshwater lakes, and salty seas and the watch will be completely okay.

That being said, there are still some limits:

  • You need to manually turn on the waterproof mode before you go swimming or paddling.
  • The touchscreen feature is disabled with the waterproof mode on. Water confuses the touchscreen sensors. So, in order to finish your workout, you need to get water off of the screen and your fingers for the touchscreen to work.
  • The auto-pause feature for running workouts doesn’t work for swimming workouts. This means that if you rest in the middle of your swimming workouts, you need to manually pause the workout in your watch, which can be hard to remember sometimes.
  • Although the watch can recognize swimming strokes pretty accurately, it is difficult to accurately measure lengths if you use a mix of different strokes within the same workout.
  • Open-water swim tracking can be quite inaccurate for the watch if it spends a long time submerged under the water (more difficult to get a GPS signal).

What You Can Do in Water

Now that you know the certain pitfalls of the Apple Watch Series 2 in water, it’s time to get to the stuff you can actually do with no problem!  

stand up paddle boarding

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  • Lane swimming: The Apple Watch Series 2 is amazingly accurate at tracking distances in lane pools. As long as you enter the pool length correctly at the start of your workout, the ending distance should be correct.
  • Paddle Sports: Any kind of paddling you can imagine, from stand up paddle boarding to kayaking, your Apple Watch can handle. Turning on waterproof mode before going out on the water is important, even if you don’t think it’ll get wet. Remember that it will probably get wet.

Another good thing with paddle sports is that, since your watch spends a great deal of time above water, the GPS tracking system should work to record your distance.

Aquatic Apps

Besides the Workout App, there are a handful of apps available for the Apple Watch Series 2 that can help you with your workouts in the water.

Apple watch series 2 swim app

  • Paddle Logger: An app called the Paddle Logger simply tracks and records your time out on the water while paddle boarding. You can also use it for sailing, swimming, and kayaking.
  • MySwimPro: This app has customized swim workouts, and you can log and track your progress. You can also save your favorite workouts and watch technique videos.

Although the limits of the Apple Watch Series 2 may deter some serious swimmers, the watch can be used best for paddlers and those of you who like to go for casual swims!

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