The Best iPhone Ring Holders – You Should Have One

iRing on hand

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First time I have seen an iPhone ring holder, I didn’t know what is that on the back of some guy’s iPhone.

But when I have seen it in use, it didn’t take me long before realizing what is it for.

Maybe you have seen it somewhere and it just caught your eye. That’s what happened with me.

After realizing how cool it is and how useful it is, I was even more amazed by its second feature which is it can be used as a stand.

However, if you don’t know what is an iPhone ring holder I will explain it to you in this post and I will show you some of the best ones.

What is an iPhone ring holder?

If you have really never seen it before, you might just assume by the words the meaning of it.

Yes, it is a ring holder for your iPhone but what is it for?

It’s a useful accessory for your phone which helps you hold your phone more easily, and while using it – you won’t need to worry about dropping your iPhone.

Also, another feature which I love that you are able to use ring even when you aren’t holding your iPhone.

Do you remember last time when you wanted to watch some video on your phone?
Imagine watching the video again, but without the need to hold your phone. You can just use the ring as a stand and put your phone on the table.

It will free your hands, and let you enjoy your phone even more.

Name, Design & Installation

It comes in all different shapes and designs.

Also, there are different names for it. It is also called an iPhone finger holder, a ring holder or a ring stand.

Basically, there is a thin bar which comes in different decorations and designs. You install it on the back of your phone, and the ring is attached to it.

Installation isn’t complicated and you won’t need to worry that it will fall off, or damage your iPhone.

It’s attached by adhesive, and it can be attached or detached anytime you wish. It leaves no residue, so it won’t leave any damage on the back of your iPhone.

However, if you are worried about that, you can always choose to attach it to your iPhone case, instead of the iPhone directly.


iRing iPhone Ring

Photo from: iRing.com

iRing is my favorite company when it comes to the phone rings.

They aren’t associated with Apple, however, they make great products with a nice and elegant design just like Apple.

iRing is compatible with any iPhone model, so you can use it on any iPhone model.

Silver Gold iRing iPhone Ring

Photo from: iRing.com

iRing has a horizontal or vertical kickstand, it rotates 360° degrees, and it swivels 180° degrees. It has a comfortable natural grip. A compact and sleek design is made out of poly-carbonate plate with durable structure.

It’s really inexpensive small useful accessory and it is available to buy at Amazon.com.


Zoeast has interesting and funny designed iPhone rings.

If you are not looking for something serious, Zoeast rings will be right for you.

Zoeast has rings in different shapes and colors.

Your iPhone ring could be anything from Hello Kitty to Minions.

It’s a well made and built iPhone ring, with a nice design – which leaves to you choose from many different rings.

Zoeast rings cost sells for under $4 US Dollars and they are available to purchase from Amazon.com.

For this price, you have no excuse not to treat your iPhone with this gadget.


Women who are in love with jewelry, this one is just perfect for you.

SHFT(TM) has iPhone ring stands in shape of an actual ring.

A plate is nicely designed and decorated, with an actual ring to hold your finger.

Maybe they have taken the ring name too seriously haha, but this it just looks perfect and whenever you use it, it will look like you are wearing an actual ring on your finger.

Just be careful which finger you use this ring with! haha just kidding.


More iPhone ring holders

There are a lot more rings to choose from, and if you aren’t digging these rings I have showed you – don’t worry because, with a number of rings out there, I’m sure you will find one which you will like.

Just keep searching for it!

You can visit Amazon.com for more of them.

Thanks for reading this post. I hope you find this helpful and I hope you will treat your iPhone with this accessory since it’s very useful to have. Also, it could protect your phone from falling and will provide you comfort with its stand feature.

Please feel free to like & share this post with the buttons below, but also feel free to leave a comment down below! Ask questions, express your opinion, and tell me if you have any better ring holders to add to this post.

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