The Best Mouse For MacBook – Alternatives For Apple Magic Mouse

If you don’t like the Apple Magic Mouse, then this post is for you.

In this post, you will find the best mouse for MacBook to use instead of Apple Magic Mouse.

Magic Mouse is a great mouse and it has its great features, but if you don’t feel like it’s the right mouse for you, you shouldn’t worry. It just isn’t for everyone.

There are many alternatives out there and it’s up to you to choose which one will fit you perfectly.

What mouse would you use instead of Magic Mouse?

Logitech Performance Mouse MX

Logitech Performance Mouse MX is a wireless mouse with a small USB receiver.
Although it is a wireless mouse, you won’t need to worry about recharging your battery.

It has a rechargeable battery can be charged while using the mouse, so you won’t ever need to worry if your mouse is fully charged or not. Also, once charger the battery will last for a month.

Another great feature of this mouse is its laser which allows you to use this mouse on any surface without having a problem. Glass table? Not a problem anymore.

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Scroll button feels very nice. It’s smooth and precise when scrolling, so you can scroll where you want when you want.

Another nice feature which I think it makes this mouse even better are 4 side buttons which are able to be programmed for your personal needs. Switching between the apps or zooming in and zooming out for example.
It’s accessible only by your thumb and it will make your multi-tasking faster.

Although Logitech Performance Mouse MX is ergonomically shaped for the right handed people, so keep in mind that it might not fit the best for left handed people.

AmazonBasics Mouse

If you are on a budget but in a need of mouse as soon as possible, AmazonBasics might work the best for you.

It is currently discounted and you can grab the mouse at Amazon.

As the name says, it’s a basic mouse which will allow you to use a mouse instead of the touchpad, however, it still offers a lot for a basic mouse.

This affordable mouse is wireless and it connects to your MacBook with nano receiver.

It runs on one AAA battery, which you will get with the purchase, and the battery will most likely last for 3 months of everyday use.

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It’s a simple mouse with 3 buttons. Scroll glides smoothly and it’s not noisy at all.

If you want an ordinary mouse for everyday use, but don’t want to spend much money – this is the best deal you can get.

A pretty looking small wireless mouse will fit perfectly with your MacBook, and the best thing is you won’t even spend a lot.

Logitech M570

If you are looking for the Magic Mouse alternative simply because you are uncomfortable with Magic Mouse shape, then I would suggest you this mouse.

Magic Mouse has a low profile and that’s the reason it probably won’t fit in everyone’s hand. However, Logitech M570 is ergonomic mouse which has a thumb-side trackball that is sculpted to the shape of a hand.

Logitech has thought about everything when they were making this mouse, so there is even a space to rest your pinky finger while using this mouse. If you have problems with the pinky finger when using the mouse, or Buy Now Buttonyou simply don’t know where to put it, Logitech M570 will solve your problem.

Trackball for your thumb will allow you to move your cursor anytime, without even lifting the mouse up.

Also, there are two programmable buttons which you could use for anything you wish, and they will help with the multi-tasking.

This mouse connects wirelessly to the USB receiver which you put in the USB port.

If you are looking an alternative for Magic Mouse because comfort reasons, this mouse like it’s just made for comfort.

Moving the mouse across the mousepad for many hours can be exhausting and cause pain in your wrist, but this mouse will take care of everything with its ergonomic shape.

Click here to learn more about the Logitech M570.

Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500

If you are just looking for a simple mouse, which doesn’t need to be wireless then check out Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500.

It’s a wired mouse so you won’t need to take care of the battery. An old-fashioned mouse like this one will work perfectly with MacBook laptops perfectly.

Buy Now ButtonIt has a nice contoured shape and is comfortable to hold and even use for a longer period of time. Panel on
the side is made out of rubber material to improve your grip while holding the mouse.

Maybe it looks like an old-fashioned mouse, but it will still work perfectly and do its job.

There are five programmable buttons, including scroll wheel and two buttons on the left side.

I might have mentioned how much I like programmable buttons, simply because they make browsing the internet and many other tasks easier and faster.

Usually, I use thumb two buttons on the left side for going back and forth between the tabs in my browser, so if that’s something which could make your browsing easier, you will be able to do it with this mouse.

For the cheapest price, buy at Amazon.com.


Don’t get me wrong. Apple Magic Mouse isn’t a bad mouse at all. It has really nice features, and it is optimized to work with MacBook computers.

However, I have heard many people complain about the design features, and that they just don’t find it comfortable to use.

That’s why there are other alternatives. Logitech has great mouse options to choose from and I am sure everyone will be able to find the right mouse for them.

For my desktop computer, I am using the good old Logitech G400, which is the new version of even older Logitech MX518. Versions of this mouse are very well built and that’s why they are very known for their quality and that’s why Logitech is updating them.

There are other brands as well, but if you go with Logitech I am sure you won’t miss.

However, make sure you consider all the aspects when purchasing the new mouse. It’s not just how good it looks, or how cheap it is.

There is much more such as quality, size, buttons, additional features and at the end, even a color is there to consider.

So take your time and take it slowly, no pressure. I am sure you will be able to find the best mouse for yourself.

But, if you want to stick with the Apple, make sure you check out the Apple Magic Trackpad 2.

It’s not an actual mouse, but if you are tired of holding the mouse and moving your hand all the time, the trackpad will work for you.

What mouse are you using?

Let me know in the comments below!

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