The Pros and Cons of The Apple TV Review – Is It Worth To Buy It?

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Product: Apple TV
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Editor Rating: 8.5 out of 10

The fourth-gen Apple TV was launched back in 2015, and while we are still waiting for fifth-gen Apple TV which will be released somewhere around the end of 2017, I will use this opportunity to talk about the pros and cons of the Apple TV.

It’s an impressive package with great features, although at the same time there are some downsides.

How did the Apple TV start?

Apple TV has started as a hobby project by Steve Jobs in 2006.

He had an idea to create an entertainment hub which could access your media only in a few simple steps.

In 2007 the first generation of Apple TV has been released, and at first, Apple wanted to name it iTV, however, British broadcast network of the same name threatened to sue Apple if they brand their new device under that moniker.

A lot has changed since the first-gen Apple TV, and it’s mostly available to see through the specifications.

Although, the first-gen Apple TV had more hard drive space than the 4th generation which is ironic but that’s because of streaming. There is no need space for owning content anymore.

The new Apple TV is driven by apps of all shapes and sizes, it’s not driven by just first-party apps anymore.

What’s so good about the Apple TV?

Apple TV is referred to as one box which simplifies it all. But what’s inside that box?

The 4th generation of the Apple TV includes an A8 processor which is a big upgrade from the A5 processor which was used in the 3rd generation Apple TV.

It comes with a Siri-enabled remote and an App Store for third-party apps and games.
Apple says you will never again say that there’s nothing to watch on the TV, because of 1600 video apps to choose from.

Apple TV has been referred to as a perfect partner for a dumb TV.
You get the idea, it’s a powerful TV box which will transform your TV and entertain you anytime.

Pros of the Apple TV

Apple TV 4th-gen has similarities to the older generation, yet significant differences.

The older interface was overcrowded by the channels you may never even watched, however now you can choose the apps which will populate your home screen.

The old home screen has always felt a bit cluttered, especially since you couldn’t hide channels which you had no interest in. A personalized layout is a good idea to let Apple TV users set their interface as they wish.

In the past, there have been more US channels than the UK, however, that’s the past right now.

Apple TV offers more than 1000 apps to choose from on the tvOS App Store. Adding those apps from the App Store is easy and once downloaded, you can easily move the app around the TV interface.

Apple TV App Store

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I have mentioned that you get the Siri Remote, which means only one thing.

You can control your TV volume just by your voice, but you can also turn on and turn off your TV.

Siri works well, however, it’s only available in some countries now. Hopefully, more countries will be supported in the 5th generation of the Apple TV.

Countries which are available are Australia (English), Canada (English, French), Germany (German), France (French), Japan (Japanese), Spain (Spanish), UK (English) and US (English, Spanish).

If you don’t live in one of the countries mentioned above, you are a bit out of luck right now but don’t worry because I am sure Apple will add a lot of other countries in the updated 5th generation.

Although, I need to mention that there are some pretty awesome Siri commands which I like a lot, such as “What did he say” or “Skip back 10 seconds”.

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I have never seen commands like that used on any other TV ever, and it’s pretty amazing what can you do just by your voice. For sure it will make your watching experience absolutely heaven.

Siri Remote comes with a battery which should last for a couple of months.

Charging the battery is done by the lightning cable which is provided by Apple, and charging the battery will only take a couple of hours.

News:-  Amazon Prime Video arrives on Apple TV in over 100 countries (source:

Cons of the Apple TV

The worst thing about the Apple TV is having to enter any passwords or search terms.

The onscreen keyboard is the alphabet which is laid out in one line.

Capitals, lowercase, and numbers are on a different screen, so you need to switch between the screens left and right all the time.

However, there are few shortcuts which will make your typing easier. Holding a lowercase letter will let you choose an upper letter case without having to swipe on another screen.

And there is a way to use the frequently searched phrase but it’s annoying to use.

I am really wondering why did Apple make it the way it is, and why they didn’t work on it to make it the best way possible for their users, as they always try to do.

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Gaming on the Apple TV is available only with a maximum of two Bluetooth controllers. While you will be able to use only one Siri Remote per Apple TV. So gaming with two Siri Remotes is not available.

Siri Remote isn’t really great for gaming as well. It’s light, awkward to use, and the trackpad is small. It’s not very useful. If you are a serious gamer, you will need to spend some more money on the joystick.

Filling your home screen with your favorite apps and games is a great idea, but I would prefer if users were able to make folders and put certain apps or games inside just like on the iOS devices.
However, it’s not such a big problem.

The price of a device might be expensive when you compare it to the competition, but it all depends on how you look at it.

If you compare the Apple TV to the PlayStation or Xbox, the Apple TV is cheaper and you will get apps and games you won’t get on those devices. Games on those devices are more impressive, although they are more expensive.


Apple TV is a great box for turning your TV into something more.

It has great specifications and the tvOS is getting constantly upgraded, however, I think that there is much more room for improvement and I am sure Apple will make a significant improvement in the upcoming 5th generation.

Cons I have said are not that bad at all. You can connect Bluetooth keyboard and avoid typing on the on-screen keyboard. In that case you may purchase Logitech Easy‑Switch K811 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for your Apple TV. Also if you aren’t a hardcore gamer, you won’t have any problems with playing games on Apple TV.

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You won’t miss if you go for it, it really has great features to offer.

Will you buy the 4th generation of Apple TV or you will wait and see what will 5th generation of Apple TV look like?

Comment down below and let me know what do you think of Apple TV!


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