What Will Apple Do With Mac Mini in 2017?

Apple Mac Mini

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Everyone is familiar with Mac Mini – a small yet powerful and affordable powerhouse that packs the entire Mac experience into a small box. So luckily for us, Apple will update Mac Mini in 2017.

Why do people love it?

Like I have said, it’s really affordable and people love small compact things with a beautiful design. All you have to do is plug in your own display, keyboard, mouse and you are ready to go.

So what are Apple’s plans for Mac Mini in 2017?

Apple Mac Mini

Photo from: Apple.com

Since there was no Mac Mini update in 2015 and 2016, people were getting scared that Mac Mini could see it ends pretty soon.

However, there is no end to the cheapest Mac since Apple has confirmed it still plays a big role and is important to them.

As I have mentioned, Apple hasn’t updated Mac Mini in 2015 and 2016 but we can be sure they will do a great update in 2017.

Mac Mini is still important product in Apple’s lineup, and Mac Mini update could be released somewhere around September or October 2017.

Are there really updates going to happen?

Let’s face the reality.

Mac Mini hasn’t been updated past 3 years, also a design hasn’t changed much since it’s the first launch.

It’s starting to feel a little dated don’t you think? Apple hasn’t stated device’s clear selling point, which has lead users and fans of this petite powerful Mac to think the worst.

So let’s face it, that has left us only with two options.

Apple would either secretly retire the line – which was more believable from the perspective we had, or really give us a radical overhaul.

Luckily for us, Apple has stated that they still care about Mac Mini and that it still has its place in their lineup.

So yes luckily for all users, Mac Mini is still going to stay alive!

What about the price?

There are currently 3 different models of Mac Mini, and the cheapest one costs $499, but if you have a deeper pocket you could go for a $699 or $999 US Dollars models.

Apple Mac Mini models and prices

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The main difference between these 3 models is configuration. For a higher price, you would get a better processor, more RAM, more GB hard drive but also a better graphics.

I think Apple won’t reduce the price with the newest model when they release it.

However, there is a chance you might get better specs for your money.

So the price will stay somewhere around the exact prices of these 3 models.

And the components?

Apple Mac Mini

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Buy Now ButtonNow when I have told you whether will the price be decreased or increased, but also I’ve told you that you might get better specs for your money in the newest update – so you are probably wondering what components are gonna be inside of Mac Mini in 2017.

Since Mac Mini is Apple’s most budget-focused desktop system, so it features basically low-end components.

But in 2017 we might see really good upgrades.


Intel has produced and is shipping Kaby Lake processors which would be perfect for Mac Mini, so if we see them inside Mac Mini in 2017 – it would bring a real big power boost over the current Haswell processors.

Kaby Lake supports Thunderbolt 3, USB 3.1 and DisplayPort 1.2, but 4K video as well. So you tell yourself how it’s going to be a great boost if this happens.

I personally don’t believe Apple will use AMD processors for Mac Mini. There is a chance since AMD is releasing new processors this year, however, I think Apple will stick with Intel since Intel has released a great processor which would work great with Mac Mini, also they have announced a roadmap for its next four generations of processors which are promising.

Graphics, RAM, and Storage

Since Mac Mini comes with integrated graphics, it’s most likely that it will remain the same and there won’t be any big upgrades on graphics.

However, there will be changes to RAM memory.

Current entry-model Mac Mini has 4 GB of RAM, but Apple will upgrade it to 8 GB in next entry-model of Mac Mini in 2017.

Also, a big change we could see will be with flash storage. Apple could offer more flash storage drive options.

With $999 Mac Mini model you get 1 TB Fusion drive, however, for $499 and $699 models, you will get 500 GB and 1 TB hard drive.

It might seem attractive, but flash storage is way faster than hard drive one, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you get an entry-model for example, to add an additional flash storage to store your files, which will make your Mac Mini faster.

Will there be a new design?

It is not out of the question that new Mac Mini could get a new design.

However, there won’t be any major changes. Most likely it’s possible that Mac Mini will be smaller and thinner.

It would be interesting to see if Apple could make Mac Mini in similar dimensions to an Apple TV.


There have been rumors going on and saying that Apple hasn’t updated Mac Mini since 2014 because they are planning on a major redesign for Mac Mini in 2017.

It would be fun to see a flat Mac Mini, which could be even smaller, more compact and lighter.

Apple Mac Mini Flat

Photo from: Apple.com

Also, a nice feature would be if Apple would make a Mac Mini which would also be an Apple TV.

That way Mac Mini would be getting inside people’s living rooms as a home entertaining device and would probably increase its sale.

My opinion

I personally think that Mac Mini is an awesome product and it is really useful.

It seems like Mac Mini is underrated, and Apple and its customers aren’t aware of it and it’s power. Probably some people don’t even know Mac Mini is still alive.

I am glad to see that Apple has plans for Mac Mini and it will get even better upgrades in the future.

It is a powerful petite desktop system which is very affordable. However, don’t forget about the screen, keyboard, and mouse which you don’t get with Mac Mini, so you would need to have your own or purchase them separately.

Apple Mac Mini and Components

Photo from: Apple.com

It’s a great deal for everyone who is on a low budget, yet they can still fully experience the OS X or MacOS X Sierra. However, it’s the best solution for people who don’t spend much time at home, but when they are at home – they like to spend time on an Apple desktop computer instead of an Apple Macbook Pro for example.

I hope Mac Mini will stay alive for many more years since it does more good than bad. I also hope people will notice it more and will give it a shot if they find it’s the best deal for them.

It’s also available to buy directly from Apple store on Amazon.com. Click here to get the best deal on Amazon.

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