When Was The iPhone Invented? – Is Steve Jobs Really the One Who Invented It?

This year iPhone will hit its 10th anniversary which will be really special because of the upcoming iPhone 8.

But when was the iPhone invented and did Steve Jobs really invent it, since there have been many debates going on if Steve Jobs was the one who really invented the iPhone?

But what’s the truth behind all of those theories?

And that’s something I will be talking about in this post.

How Did iPhone Invention Happen?

Apple First iPhone 2G

Photo from: Apple.com

It was back in April 2001 when Steve Jobs believed that cell phones were going to become one of the most important devices for portable information access.

Also, he believed that mobile phones needed to have excellent synchronization software.

Earlier in 1993 Apple has released Newton MessagePad which had a big screen, and that’s what got Steve Jobs attention to make mobile phones with a flat screen which would be even more portable but would be important for information access.

Since Steve Jobs believed mobile phones needed to have excellent synchronization software, he worked with something that was already available.

It was the iPod which Apple released in January 2001 and there was also the iTunes software.

Motorola ROKR E1All of if led to September 7, 2005, when Apple and Motorola released the first mobile phone to use iTunes. It was called the ROKR E1.

However, Steve Jobs was unhappy with ROKR E1, because Apple would have no full control over designing a phone they wanted to make because they were working with Motorola.

In September 2006, Apple discounted support for the ROKR E1 and released iTunes versions which included references as a yet unknown mobile phone which could display pictures and video.

Steve Jobs was inspired by Moto’s Multimedia and smartphone product concept from Motorola.
And the result was that Apple gained a new product called iPhone, but Motorola walked away with a limited version of iTunes for ROKR E1.

Beginning Of The iPhone

On January 9, 2007, at the Macworld convention, Steve Jobs announced iPhone and it received substantial media attention.

He announced that the iPhone will be released later that year and on June 29, 2007, the first iPhone was released.

As iPhone supported third-party applications by using Safari browser, third parties would create Web 2.0 applications which users would access via the internet.

Also, there was iTunes version released which was updated with features and support to be used with iPhone, such as service activation and syncing.

When was the iPhone firstly released, it was only available with AT&T contracts in the United States.

It took Steve Jobs year and a half of negotiating with AT&T to make a deal, and that’s how iPhone was sold exclusively only by AT&T.

That type of arrangement between Apple’s iPhone and single service provider caused controversy which brought the concepts of jailbreaking and bricking the device.

Did Steve Jobs Really Invent the iPhone?

Steve Jobs

There have been many theories and even proof that Steve Jobs didn’t really invent the iPhone.

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi told attendees of the Democratic National Convention Platform Hearing that the iPhone devices were not invented by Steve Jobs, but by the US government.

She said that all the investments and research came from the federal government, and not from Steve Jobs.

However, she credited Steve Jobs for designing and putting it all together.

“In this smartphone, almost everything came from federal investments and research.”

                                                                                                                                   – Nancy Pelosi said

She is pointing that the Steve Jobs was just a good a good designer and assembler and that the actual inventing was done by the government.

I guess that there will always be theories like this one, but it’s up to us to be a judge.

Whoever invented the iPhone, I must agree that Steve Jobs was really a good designer and assembler, and that can be seen in the Apple’s book called “Made by Apple in California”.

It’s the book showing Apple’s product history and it is dedicated especially to Steve Jobs.

What do you think happened and who did really invent the iPhone?

Comment down below and let me know!

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