When Will iPhone 8 Be Released?

iPhone 8 Prototype

The most asked question in 2017 so far.

When will iPhone 8 be released?

You might know something about the upcoming iPhone 8, or you might know nothing but for sure, Apple is going big this year.

This year it’s not only iPhone’s 10th anniversary, but it’s also the 10th anniversary of Apple’s cooperation with (RED)Team – and that’s the reason Apple has made iPhone 7 in special red color.

Something really big…

This year, iPhone is celebrating 10 years anniversary so we are 100% percent sure that Apple will make something special.

I have talked about it in another post about choosing to buy iPhone 7 or waiting for iPhone 8 to come out.

iPhone 8 might not be even called 8, but instead X or Special Edition. Also, there are rumors that Apple is testing more than 10 prototypes, so we can not be even sure what it’s gonna look like yet.

I have heard a lot of information from sources which showed that they can be trusted, that iPhone 8 will be released somewhere in September 2017.

Also, Apple will do everything in their power to make this model the best model so far, and I am sure not only it will be the best iPhone ever made so far, but it will be the best phone released in 2017.

iPhone 8 will come with many new features which we haven’t seen before, and there will be a lot of good changes. They will invest more time into the design, and I am sure they will make something really special.

Major Redesign

iPhone 8 PrototypeiPhone 8 will have a major redesign. Although we don’t know how exactly will new iPhone look like, we are sure about some design changes.

Apple will introduce us a glass body again, which we could have seen with iPhone 4 and 4S before switching to aluminum cases.

There will be huge changes to display. iPhone 8 will have edge-to-edge OLED Display. Which means there will be an integrated Touch ID and front-facing camera inside the display, but also there won’t be a home button.

iPhone 8 Prototype

iPhone 8 will be powered by an A11 processor, and it will come with long waited wireless charging option.

It will be released in three models – one OLED and two standard models which will meet everyone’s price range.

However, iPhone 8 will cost something more than usual iPhone price. It will cost somewhere around $1000 US Dollars, instead of traditional $650 US Dollars price.

How will it look like?

As I have mentioned earlier, there have been rumors that Apple is testing somewhere around 10 iPhone 8 prototypes, so we can’t be sure what it’s gonna look like but there are some photos leaked, which might only give us a clue what can we expect.

iPhone 8 Prototype

Since there is so much time left until release date, Apple might do something really unexpected and surprise us all.


This are the information which is available right now, and that’s all we know about iPhone 8, however, there will be more information released as the time goes by since iPhone 8 will be released probably in September 2017.

I hope you have found this helpful, and feel free to leave a comment down below with your opinion or any extra information you might have.

Image credits: Imran Taylor @ Behance

Dario Lemut

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  • Von says:

    I am a big Samsung user and hated iPhones BEFORE. Now that I spend most of my time reading about my phone’s security, I have decided to consider the next iphone to be my next phone. I really hope that they do something great for the next one.

    • I am glad that you have found what works the best for you.
      Apple takes a huge care about users security, so it shouldn’t be a problem for you anymore.

      Thanks for leaving a comment!

  • sandra says:

    $1000!?! I don’t know how Apple can keep charging so much for a phone and how so many people are willing to pay the price. So many people have to have the latest and greatest–everything by Apple! I’m sure the iphone 8 will have a special name and even more features we just can’t live without!

    • I know right, if you want to know more if Apple is really that expensive or not, make sure you check my other post where I have talked about it.
      It’s called “Did You Ever Wonder Why Are Apple Products So Expensive?”

      But I agree, some people feel like they need to have the latest technology, or they feel like they need it. Well, if they enjoy it – it’s their money and they can spend it on anything that makes them feel better!

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