Where To Buy Cheap Apple Products?

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You are probably searching where to buy cheap Apple products, but why?

Let’s face it. Apple products aren’t cheap. Especially if you are on a budget, but you really need or want an Apple product.

However the second most asked question is are Apple products worth the cost, and it will be my next post explaining and talking about the economy of Apple products.

However, in this post, I will explain how to get Apple products for the cheaper price, and I will explain where and how to buy them.

Don’t Buy In Apple Store

Apple Store

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If you didn’t know, Apple products in Apple stores are usually priced the highest, and it’s most likely you could get the exact product for a cheaper price if you are being careful where you buy it.

Buying from Apple store doesn’t mean that the product is anything better than the product you would buy online or from authorized sources.

Why is it more expensive?

Products in Apple stores are more expensive simply because the prices of their products keep the same price from the date of release until there is a discount on the product.

So for example, if you are looking to buy a year or two old Apple product, there’s a big chance that the product in Apple store still has the exact price from a date when it was released.

Buying the product online or from other authorized sources could save you some money, however you don’t need to worry about warranty or because if you buy it from authorized source (for example local retail store which is an authorized Apple source), it’s going to be the same like you have bought it in Apple store.

Think About Buying A Used Apple Product

Apple ProductsIf a product you want to purchase is up to 3 years old, you might consider purchasing it from someone who has used it for a while.

You will save much more money this way if you don’t mind having a used product.

However, when finding a used product, make sure it’s in a great condition and that there aren’t any problems with it.

If you are being careful when choosing a seller, you shouldn’t have any problems.

For example, if you buy a product which is a few months old, you will probably still have a warranty for a device you buy, no matter if you have bought it as a used product or not.

A great place to buy used products is Amazon.com since there are many products listed, and I am sure you could find anything you are looking for.

Apple Refurbished Products

If you aren’t into buying a used products for various reasons, it’s okay and you don’t need to worry since there are still many options for you.

Apple is selling refurbished products, which are usually discounted and it’s another great way to grab an Apple products for cheaper price.

What are refurbished Apple products?

Refurbished products are products which have been sold to a customer, but they have been returned to Apple for various faulty reasons such as dead pixels on an iPad’s display or faulty SSD on a Retina MacBook Pro.

Then Apple repairs all of these products, and then they put them back on sale as refurbished products, and that’s why they cost less than new products.

Although I know many of you have a worried grin on your face but there is no reason for it.

Apple replaces all faulty parts and once they make sure that the product is working properly, they put it up on a sale again.

refurbished Apple products

Also, Apple says that Apple refurbished products are “as good as new” products.
And the last but not the least important information is that Apple does back refurbish products with standard one-year limited warranty.

So there is no concern about purchasing a refurbished product since you will get a warranty and it’s the same as purchasing a brand new product.

Where To Buy Refurbished Apple Products?

Refurbished Apple products are available only on Apple’s online store, so make sure if decide to buy refurbished product that you don’t go into an actual Apple store looking for it.

They have all sort of products and models.
If there isn’t the one you are looking for, maybe try checking in later because they are adding offers constantly.

By buying refurbished Apple products, you could save somewhere around 14-40% but it depends on the product. Not all the products have the same discount price.

However, you can also buy refurbished Apple products from a third-party re-sellers and you would get even a bigger discount, but I would recommend that simply because you won’t get the full support you would get when purchasing a refurbished product from an Apple’s online store.


The last but not the least useful option is Amazon.com.

Amazon can have a great deal sometimes, you just need to keep checking regularly.

Apple Products

Buy Now Button You can buy new products on sales from Apple directly, but also you can find used products from other users for the price you are comfortable with.

Even maybe you can get a free shipping which is always a great bonus.

I hope I have helped you to find where to buy cheap Apple products, so you can still save some money for other things such as accessories.
If you are on a budget, there is no excuse why not to buy an Apple product if you really want it and I hope this post helped you.

Do you think there is any other way to purchase cheaper Apple products other than these ways I have listed?

Feel free to comment down below, but also share & like this post so everyone can see!

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